Vietnam War

What the world believes: “The Vietnam War was the long lasting struggle between nationalist forces attempting to unify the country of Vietnam under a communist government and the United States (with the  help of the South Vietnamese) trying to prevent the spread of communism. Involved and fighting in a war that almost everyone saw as having no chance of victory, U.S. leaders quickly lost the American public’s support for the war. Today, the Vietnam War has become a standard for what not to do in all future U.S. foreign conflicts.” Although this statement may hold some truth value, is that the only reason for why we went to war?Vietnam-war-soldier

What about the rich and vast rubber plantations Vietnam was well-known for?


Just as we went to war with Iraq supposedly just to “stop terrorism,” why then did we find out we were actually there to uncover weapons of mass destruction?

Rubber is elastic latex from the tree called Hevea braziliensis. This latex is coagulated, or turned from liquid to semi-solid form. Waterproof and elastic, this rubber material is used for all sort s of things such as sports balls, vehicle tires, and many other manufactured items. The plantation located in Vietnam was established by the Michelin Company in 1925 and at 31,000 acres, it was the largest rubber plantation in Vietnam. The plantation was located approximately halfway between the Cambodia border and Saigon. Located at this same place was an important base and performing area for the Viet Cong and later the NVA. Rubber played a big part as to why we went to war with Vietnam. The U.S. wanted their hands on Vietnam’s rubber. At the end of the day, the U.S. government and politicians do not really care about the lives of our young soldiers but what they can gain or essentially take from other countries to become a more powerful nation. The U.S. had no business going to war with Vietnam. They instead forced our soldiers into invading their country having no idea how to navigate themselves through their densely forested lands all because of the government’s greedy desire for rubber.rubber

Passion behind this blog: My father is a Vietnam Veteran. He was drafted into the war, going in one man and coming out a different man. He can never sleep at night and has trouble making peace with himself for what he was forced to do in Vietnam. Loosing friends by seeing them get blown up, stabbed or shot to death, being forced to kill women and children to defend his own life and the lives of his fellow soldiers; the Vietnam War was a war the U.S. should have had no part in. Knowing that the real reason we were there was to collect rubber really unmasks and reveals the truth about our nation at its core.


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