The Truth Shall set you Free


Ever wonder if what you are being told by the media is entirely factual, the frozen truth?

Well, truth has it that huge corporations dominate and control the U.S. media landscape each and every day. These companies exercise their control over what we see, hear, and read. In many cases, these companies are vertically integrated, having the power to control everything form the start of production to final distribution. Scary right?

Through experience and much research, I have come to realize that much of what we are displayed to by the media is falsified or fabricated in some way. Having gained this knowledge has not only frustrated me as an individual but has also inspired me to seek out the truth about what companies and countries have tried to hide. My growing passion and desire to reveal these hidden truths have led to me creating this blog.

This blog will uncover the frozen and naked truth that was never able to go mainstream throughout history as well as current affairs. Follow my blog weekly as we dive into some of the nation’s most controversial issues such as the Vietnam War and fast food industries like McDonald’s.


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